Next ... the components for the Emperor's machine

There was only one place these were going to go if the ultimate in craftsmanship was to be achieved ... and that was to my good friend Jon Williams (RIP).  There is little doubt that Jon was the expert in his field before he was sadly taken from us. 

The rear mech underwent expensive custom work with main body having a fish type scale finish.

.The Cinelli 66-44 bars were polished, slotted and spot drilled

The cranks were spot drilled and milled.

The headset was extensively customized.


Further refinements were then carried out to the cranks

In honour of the great man's achievements, the 57T chainring was pantographed (on the front) with Eddie's winning time for each of his championship winning years. The Jack Hearne pantographing reflects the backing he gave to Eddie.  'For Char' appears on the back of the ring which was endorsed by both Ed and Jan.

The Campagnolo Super Record Pista pedals and Super Record Alloy toe clips also underwent 'treatment'

The Campagnolo Record brake calipers were polished and pantographed with 24k gold plated nuts.

Next .. the Cinelli 1R 130mm handlebar stem.

Then the seatpost which had gone off to Otto Carter to have some special engraving done. This was based on the ongoing theme.

A sword and a shield fit for an Emperor!  The Wilkinson Sword to represent the trophy Ed won several times

Once again the “For Char” appears.

And finally ... the KMC Limited Edition 10 speed gold / black chain which should look good on the final build.

... and the final build (we hope you like it) ...
Bloody brilliant (i.m.o.) Nob.  You're a 'brick' (that's good!).  Thanks to Nob, Garry Needham, Jon Williams (RIP), Otto Carter and Chris Howard for an absolute gem.
(Nob says there may yet be further refinements too!)