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Over the years there have been a lot of events that have given me a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Nine times out of ten, doing something for the first time takes some beating.   It could be breaking the hour for a '25' ... a first win ... a course record ...  beating an arch rival for the first time maybe?

I'm ancient so there's a long list, but for now here's my 'Top Five Firsts' ...

No 1 ... THE event that gave me most satisfaction and the biggest 'buzz' in 40 years or so of cycling ...

The Goodmayes Whls '100' in 1983 and competition record by over 8 minutes!  Go HERE for the full story.

No 2 ... I'm not quite sure how this managed to creep into the 'Top 5 Firsts' page ...

but it's not often you beat two records in one attempt (unless you ride the track ... see No 4 below!), so for no other reason than because it was just great fun ... go HERE for a double RRA record attempt.

No 3 ... four days after Prince Charles married Diana Spencer I rode to my (the) first sub 3-40 '100'.

That was in July 1981.   It was pretty fast then.  Bearing in mind we were without tri-bars, discs and aero hats in those days (looking back) it wasn't too bad.  I'd definitely consider it to be one of my Top 5 Firsts anyway.  Go HERE for the full story.

No 4 ... a surprise to even me! 'Thick Tester Takes Track Records' could have been the headline.

In 1991, Mike Breckon of Raleigh suggested I should have a go at Graeme Obree's track records.  With me being virtually a complete track novice I couldn't see how he was being serious ... but he was ... and I did.  This ride really did give me a buzz.  Go HERE for the full story.

No 5 ... my first (and only) National 12 hour win.

They say 'all things come to those who wait' ... well I only had to wait nearly forty years until I won my first (and only) National 12 hour championship.  Go HERE for the full story.

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