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Colin Every built the frame upon which I won my  first National
Championship (the 50 in 1980 ... right).  We first met riding 10 mile
time trials with the  Cambridge Town and County Cycling Club on
the  A10 near Waterbeach (strangely enough .... where  I spent the
last few years of my shirking life with the  MoD). We managed to
strike up  friendship by riding those and other cycling events in the


Colin was working for Cleminsons Agencies in Huntingdon at the time but started building frames

in his spare time.


In his own words, Colin says "When I started building frames, I thought the best way to give them a

good test and hopefully generate some publicity would be to get a top rider to use one.

When you agreed to do so, I soon realised if Wendy (Colin's wife) and I applied ourselves we could

also give you a bit of help at events with support and also good quality information from the side of the



The first frame Colin built me was built with Ishiwata tubing supplied by Ron Kitching with special flat

aero seat stays supplied by Gerald O'Donovan at Raleigh. It was sprayed a lovely light blue lustre. I

won several championships on that one ... I also rode the 1981 world team time trial in Czechoslovakia 

on it.
























































When Saba came on board as a sponsor (above ... with Saba's front man / boss

Italo Berigliano), some Columbus air tubing became available and Colin pressed

ahead with making me a lovely light pink lustre tt frame.


That one was even better!


It helped me win lots of national championships and break the 100 record a few times.

When Brian Rourke started sponsoring me, the pink Every was used for training and

eventually on the turbo. Sadly it ended up at St Neots recycling centre...everything

having either rusted solid or rusted through.


The frame hadn't gone unnoticed over the years though and I was most flattered when

I learned that Richard Clarke (Nobby) was intending to build a replica. He'd already

produced immaculate facsimiles of several bikes and I was particularly keen to see

what he could do with mine (and Colin's).


Over a period of several months, he sent me many photos showing the progress of

(what he says will be) his last project.


They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well Nobby has sent me just about a

thousand pictures (!!!) so I will let them speak volumes for themselves .... and both

Nobby's and Colin's handy work.


Colin says "It was a great adventure and a memorable time in my life so thank you for
agreeing to ride the bikes I enjoyed every minute".  


It was a great time in my life too and I only wish I had appreciated it more at the time.


Thanks Nobby and Colin ... it's been great reminiscing.


I don't think I've ever met Richard Clarke aka Nobby but we're still good mates. I've always been an admirer of his handy work as far as producing incredible replicas of top riders' bikes so was flattered beyond belief when he told me he was going to centre his attentions towards the 'pink Every'.


These are the photos he sent me during the period of its build.

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