One-off sale bargains. When they're gone they've gone!


During my stringent quality assurance check-overs before dispatching goods to customers, I sometimes (very rarely) come across items in a condition which I would be disappointed with if it was me who was receiving the item.  For example, the items might have been damaged in transit from the supplier ... or I'd maybe 'cocked up' something myself along the way (I'm good at that!).  Under those circumstances it would be pointless sending the item out to a customer as it would just create ill-feeling and result in a ball-aching job of returns and exchanges. Worse still ... total refunds! (Ouch!!!).  ;-)



So ... in the last few weeks I've come across the following which I am prepared to let go on a first come first serve basis.

My very own Ice Cool Look T3 Fixed / time trial fuselage

I fancy one in a different colour so if anyone wants my Ice Cool Look 57 cm T3 frame, forks, seat post, headset, stem and front brake caliper, it’s up for grabs.

It’s in immaculate condition and has only been used very sparingly when the weather has been nice and I’m likely to nick a fast 10 (or 25) up on the F2.

The ‘new’ site price is £1049.

If you can wait a few days for me to dismantle it and get it boxed up, you could have it for just £699.

          ONLY £699 shipped