One-off sale bargains. When they're gone they've gone!


During my stringent quality assurance check-overs before dispatching goods to customers, I sometimes (very rarely) come across items in a condition which I would be disappointed with if it was me who was receiving the item.  For example, the items might have been damaged in transit from the supplier ... or I'd maybe 'cocked up' something myself along the way (I'm good at that!).  Under those circumstances it would be pointless sending the item out to a customer as it would just create ill-feeling and result in a ball-aching job of returns and exchanges. Worse still ... total refunds! (Ouch!!!).  ;-)



So ... in the last few weeks I've come across the following which I am prepared to let go on a first come first serve basis.


One set only!

New V8 base bars + 'special' clamps.  All V8 base bars have mounting holes (for the risers and clamps) that are spaced 30 mm c/c apart. Their design means that you can only have the extensions placed VERY far apart ... or VERY close together.  By replacing the V8 clamps with ones used on the original PDQPB bars, you are able to achieve what some might claim to be two better alternative widths.  Previously this was not possible as the mounting holes for the PDQPB clamps are 25 mm c/c.  We had a small batch of compatible clamps made  :-)  The only problem is risers!  If you're happy with no risers ... these are a bargain.  If you're not ... we're working on it, but wether or not anything ever materialises remains to be seen!

What you see is what you get (apart from the carpet!).  

                                 Just £150 shipped.


'Shop-soiled' Beta front wheels

Disc brake version without logos in either tubular or tubeless / clincher version (one of each).

Brand new and unused.  Exhibition wheels used for fingering / fettling by prospective customers. All excitable dribble has been carefully removed leaving just two 'as near as perfect' examples of something that usually retails for £569.99 ... for just £425!

Grab a bargain before they've gone (and they do go VERY fast!).

                                                    £425 shipped


A few sets of Second Generation MATT carbon extensions ...

         available at just £39.99 a pair.  New / unused. Absolutely 'mint' condition.  Only being listed here because they're an out-and-out bargain.

Track Axle.JPG

PDQ “Campag-alike” rear 158mm track axle complete.


Includes 26 tpi 10 mm nuts (just look at the price of Campagnolo ones on Ebay!!).

Convert your old screw on Ghibli or Khamsin road disc wheel to a track version with one of these (you'll also need one of Harry Walker's 'fixed wheel converters').

Or replace broken Campag track axles / cones / lost track nuts?

I don’t THINK these are Campag as there aren’t any Campagnolo markings but they do look very much like Campag and everything is of tip-top quality … so these must be a bargain. Shirley?


                           Just £45.00 shipped.


PDQ Pista bars

Back in stock ... by popular demand.

These aesthetically pleasing little beauties!

Full carbon 3k track handlebars in GLOSS finish  Absolutely gorgeous!

37 cm c/c

O/S 31.8 mm clamping area

Approx 80 mm reach ... 150 mm drop

Just  298 gms in weight

Super strong, extremely aerodynamic and score 10/10 on the 'pose-ometer'

Brand new mint condition complete with 12 month warranty.  Only listed here because I couldn't find anywhere else to list them,!

Just  £109.99 shipped