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PDQ 'Beta' ... beater / better ;-) front wheel.

The beauty of our sport is that things are constantly moving forward as riders are forever looking to save seconds by getting hold of the very latest in cycling technology.

At one time Weltmeister Scheerens laced with 24 berg chrome spokes onto Campagnolo Large flanged hubs were the tester’s dream.  Assos and Wolber then introduced their alloy V section rims … then aero spokes … and more recently Carbon tri-spokes seemed to be everyone’s favourite.

The use of wind tunnels and field testing by experts has more recently proved that spoked wheels with relatively wide deep section carbon (slightly) bulbous rims are the most aerodynamic (and, consequently … save the most watts … are fastest).

Over the past few months we have been road testing a number of different combinations and our findings compare very favourably with those of (amongst others) AeroCoach’s and ‘Revolver’s … slightly bulbous and fairly wide (in the region of 26 mm) rims using the finest spokes and free-running hubs available are the fastest.

But why don’t those suppliers use ‘hidden’ nipples?  Surely if marginal gains are at the forefront of everyone’s mind, then concealing the spoke nipples inside the rims is best?

Well … PDQ has taken every step possible to trim down any excess drag and are now pleased to announce the arrival of our very fastest ever front wheel.

Built with DT Swiss’s renowned DT240S front hubs using straight pull Sapim CX Rays spokes our latest offering uses a full lightweight carbon 26 mm wide 75 mm deep slightly bulbous rim complete with concealed nipples.

It has been said that you will still be accelerating when you get into orbit with one of these. That might be one claim too far, but we are 100% sure this is one of the fastest front wheels you are ever likely to get hold of.

Available in tubular or clincher (tubeless compatible) ... in both rim and disc brake versions.  

Rim braking wheels supplied with q/r skewers, valve extender and carbon specific brake pads.

Disc braking wheels supplied with centre-lock through axles and valve extenders ... no skewers.

With or without white or black PDQ logos. Or for a small additional cost, have logos of (virtually) any colour fitted. Just let us know when ordering.

£569.99 shipped.

Tubular rim brake 20 radial spokes weight: <685 gms


Clincher (tubeless compatible) rim brake 20 radial spokes weight: <745 gms

For rim brakes (above) ... and disc brakes (below)


... and all with hidden nipples (below)


Tubular disc brake 24 crossed two spokes weight:  <710 gms

Clincher (tubeless compatible) disc brake 24 crossed two spokes weight:  <825 gms


With logos ... if you like?

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