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What satisfied customers are riding, saying ... and might have said  ;-)
Kristian Adams2.jpg

Kristian Adams is delighted with his PDQPB frame and continues to tinker with it.

He says "It’s a lovely ride. Still fine tuning the set up".

He might have continued to say "...and I'll continue tinkering with it because it beats creosting fences and sheds ... and cutting the grass".

Kevin Price.jpg

Kevin Price's lovely jubbly V8.

He says ...Few fiddly bits here and there but it was simple as shelling peas to put together. 

Henrik Retslov's custom V8. The fastest V8 in Denmark!

Alejandro Jaramillo-Franco's PDQ TTT Track / TT bike ... complete with PDQ track bars. 

Mr J-F (Jaramillo-Franco ... not Kennedy!) drives on the left in the USA hence the photo taken from the non-chainset side as opposed to the 'usual' chainset side.


Sarah Matthews - A3CRG ... hasn't put a pedal wrong since she got her PDQ tri-spoke.

She says ... Wheel fab - especially in the monster head wind coming out of one of the turns ... It was brilliant going as fast as I could down the bank on the R25/3H into yet more gusty wind. A few wiggles in the gusts but the wheel was a dream. I've ridden more windy races this season than still ones so it's been a fab investment.

Lisa Davis - Lewes Wanderers ... first time out on her Citec 8000 Ultra disc

She says ... "This is me racing my first TT of the 2018 season with the Citec disc. I was first lady Vet, so very pleased with the result. I love the feel of the disc and already know I am going to enjoy racing on it this season. It is also extremely light, the delivery man thought the box was empty when he dropped it off!" 


Andrew Dent's Stork complete with PDQ super-light wheels:


He says ... testing them out in Majorca ... Initial impressions are very good. Lovely and stiff. Stand on the pedals and they just shift.

Paul Petrie has just fitted his PDQ bars and has this to say about them:


Just to say, love the bars. Perfect match with the px stem. Very happy. 

Finished build was boardman ATT frameset with sram red Etap, pdq bars, mavic comete and mavic cxr 60. 

Gary Ison's Viner complete with brand spankin' new super-fast PDQ trispoke


He says ...Wheel looks great. Thanks you Ian Cammish great products and great service. 

Neil Dallaway recently bought some PDQ bars


He says ...Did the first races last week on the pdq bars and thought I'd send some pics and comments ... I did an undulating/sporting club 10 on Tuesday night and got a pb and then an Olympic distance triathlon (as part of a relay) yesterday where I got another pb and the fastest bike split. That was on the same route as the club 10.


The bars have been great and enabled me to have a lot more adjustment than my previous bars. I've gone a lot narrower and still have more adjustment to go even narrower. I've had a break from time trialling over the last few years so it was great to set some pb's on a lower average power output. I've not done any aero field testing but these results indicate the new bars have got me more aerodynamic as well as more comfortable over my old bars and position. Being real tall I've really appreciated the range of adjustment on the pdq bars. 


Adam Cockroft's PDQ V8 frame built up and ready for action.



Adam is 5ft 11ins and went for a L 54.


He says ... a bit to finish off but looks good eh? Fit tomorrow then cda testing with aerocoach... but haven't actually ridden it yet!!


Urm ... fingers crossed it all goes well!


Mark Mackay's V8 ...


... complete with a PDQ trispoke fitted the 'slow' way round.


He says ... it's to stop me doing too many pbs!

Graham Smedley ordered some PDQ tt bars bars on the recommendation of Mark Harvey after a bike at take3tri. 


He says: They look great and felt good on the turbo. After only one 60 mile run on them on the road I have just used them at the Enduroman 2x1 Double.  They were so comfortable that I was able to stay aero for all but some sharp up hills over the 2 days and 224 miles.  The rides set me up for great runs and I was able to win the event even though I had not tried to peak on the bike coming in.  Really looking forward to using them at the DecaUK in October.

Congratulations to Andrew Grant  - Cambridge CC on his recent successes using PDQ tt handlebars.

He says ... Your bars and stem seem to work.  This season so far: 

  1. 52:13 in the Lea Valley 25 (30 seconds short of PB but it was only just April)

  2. 20:10 in the Lea Valley 10: East Anglia VTTA Group V65 yrs record (inc the 64yrs and 63yrs ones too)

  3. Won the VTTA National 30 championship by over a minute on standard from Brian Sunter

  4. 1:43:35 in the ECCA 50: VTTA National 65yrs Age Record by 3 minutes (inc the 64 & 63 – in fact faster than anyone down to 56yrs). 

Clearly, if I bought enough PDQ kit I should be capable of breaking comp record.

All after a 37 year lay-off too!

He might have said ... you're already 6 years into your lay-off (Ian Cammish). Perhaps you might fancy making a come-back in 31 years time too?   :-)

Photo courtesy of Davey Jones.


Congratulations to Andy Proffitt on his new 25 mile pb.


As the great Leslie Philips would say ... DING DONG!


After more years in the sport than he'd care to remember, and at the ripe old age of 45, Andy has proved there's life in the old dog yet by knocking 40 seconds off his pb in the Velo Velocity 25 on the E2 over the weekend. He now joins the 48 minute club with a fantastic 48-55. Possibly the fastest PDQ V8 so far?


He says ... 'the bike is FAST'.


Who's to argue with that? Andy's pretty fast too ;-) Well done buddy. Photo courtesy Davey Jones


Jussi Sievala's V8 ... the very fastest V8 in Finland.


Andrew Phipps's Track TT T3 ... all built up and no-where to go (due to Corona Virus).


Henrik Retslov's Fuji ... complete with PDQPB tt bars ...a "very happy customer" from Denmark  :-)


Bill Bavidge's V8 ... and very nice it is too!


Chris Welford's V8 ... "Fantastic. A dream build" says Chris.  Couldn't have put it better myself (although I would probably agree with your mate's views on the colour of the bar tape  ;-)


Bruce English's one and only (in the UK) fluorescent yellow V8 ... "At last I have managed to get around to building it and it does not disappoint, Looks every bit as good as I had hoped for. Can't wait to get out on it "

Stuart Hourigan1.jpg

Stuart Hourigan is pleased with his V8!  ... 

"Not sure if you give a crap 🤣 but I did my first 2 x 10s of the year last weekend on the new machine.   Saturday evening was a steady one with a short 21.  On Sunday I took 11 seconds of my pb to post a 20:13.  Fingers crossed I can post some proper times now.  Love the bike".

Joe Schvartz Team Swindon cycles' new PDQ 


He says ... Here is my PDQ TT bike which, with the expert help of Ian, I purchased for the 2017 season but couldn’t wait so built it up and rode it to two 2nd place finishes on my local club ten and can honestly say it handles and corners better than any other I’ve owned.


He might have said ... it's so fast I have no further use for my old bike which has been laid to rest in a nice sunny spot at the bottom of the garden.

Ben Stancombe's Cannondale complete with brand spankin' new PDQ tt bars.


He says ... Smashed another new 10 TT PB tonight. Even in a cold and strong headwind. Cheers Ian Cammish, the bars are brilliant.

Mickael Krzeminski had his Citec 8000 disc shipped to France ... no problem  :-)


He says ... First (short) ride today with the wheel: looks pretty fast, especially above 40km/h, let's see it during harder session next season. Thanks to low weight, very easy to increase speed for such material. In a nutshell, I think I like it !

Dan Martin - Thanet RC aboard the PDQ tt frameset package he rode to 3rd place in the 2016 NATIONAL Junior 25 miles Championship


His proud (naturally) parents say ... You may remember that our son, Dan, bought a PDQ frame for the 2016 season.  He has enjoyed a fantastic season retaining his UCI under-19 title in the Tour of Cambridge, Kent Junior BAR, Thanet Junior BAR and numerous junior wins at local time trials in Kent.  He came 14th in the National Junior 10, but probably best of all he won the Bronze medal in the National Junior 25 mile on the Sawtry course.  We are looking forward to cheering him on at the champions dinner.  Thanks again your frame seems to have brought out the best in him.  He is currently studying at university of Bath where he is enjoying club runs with the university club with his sights firmly fixed on the 2017 BUCS championships.  He has been delighted with his frame and it has been much admired.

Photo courtesy Larry Hickmott

Phil Pearce's Scott ... 


Fitted out with PDQ tt bars.

Chris Bateman's Cervelo ...


Complete with PDQ tt bars

Gary Purdy's XS PDQ frameset complete with PDQ tri-spoke


Gary is 5ft 5ins tall and was having problems finding a frame that suited his height / reach etc.  He chose an XS PDQ tt frameset ... and was pleased he did.



He says ... the smaller size is spot on ... so pleased with the frame and wheel

National Junior 25 Mile Champion Jake Wright - Zappi RC on winning form with his PDQ tri-spoke in the NLTTA 10 (photo courtesy Ellen Isherwood)


He says ... Really impressed with how my PDQ Carbon Cycle Products trispoke handled in the harsh cross winds ...the wheel was really stable in the heavy cross/ head wind and was definitely fast! 


He might have said ... gonna knock spots off Junior comp record 10 when my passport for the V718 comes through


Dave Morgan Out of the saddle CC ... aboard his new Dugast Pista Diamond cotton tubular tyres.


He says ... The tubs felt very fast ... I was chasing 40 seconds and I got 33 of them so I have to consider that a win.


Photo courtesy CraigZad


Rachel Hackman RNRMCA with her brand spankin' new, super fast, tripple action muscle booster you can't bend it PDQ tt bars.


She says ... Bars all fitted and looking lovely. Brilliant bars, they soak up huge amounts of road vibration compared to my old bars, they feel great, look great and perform really well, already breaking my PBs. :)


She might have said ... All I need now is one of those 'lightest tubular disc wheels in the World' Citec jobbies and there'll be no holding me back   ;-)


Photo courtesy the Rt Hon Mr Chris Hackman good Sir.

My own PDQ 'rig' ...


... a size 54 with 3 x 20mm risers under the extensions. I'm 6ft 2ins.

James Richardson's lovely jubbly BMC complete with super-light and equally super-fast Citec 8000 disc.


He says ...the quality of the Citec disc is only surpassed by that of Ian’s customer service!”

Dom Crisp and  Adam Robinson - Vision Racing sponsored by Delamere Dairy / GRM property Consultants / Swinnerton Cycles ...


Adam says ...  Me and Dom raced at the Will's Wheels 2-Up TT last night and came 2nd. We both used the handlebars and when we both spoke about them afterwards, nothing but praise about them. So much more comfortable, efficient and able to put more power out. 


I also used Ian's (Middleton) PDQ Carbon Tri Spoke front wheel in the race in which I was very impressed having never used it before. The level of control of the front end was extremely good, I've never used an 80mm or tri-spoke go through corners and roundabouts so fast and so well, it was just asking for more and more speed. Not only that but it felt and sounded fast in a straight line.


A bit more from me, the handbars had a really big test in the worst racing conditions I've experienced last weekend on the J2/9 at the 25mile Time Trial. The rain was that hard and heavy that seeing out the visor was almost not possible and Twemlow Lane was genuinely flooded, the puddles/'ponds' going over my ankles on a few occasions. I came 2nd overall, my best position in a Manchester and District Time Trial, beating riders I have never beaten before and beating them comfortably. Somehow I also got a massive 50 seconds PB on the course which I found quite unbelievable. All I know is that there is no way I would've gone so quick on my old set up. The bars just create that much more control and feeling as well as being aero.

Mark Bradley hasn't looked back since fitting his new PDQ tt bars.


He says ... Even though I thought I may have peaked before the bars arrived with a 2 min PB, since then I’ve PB’d on the regular weekly club course by 25 seconds, PB’d the local 10 course last week by over 30 seconds then improved that further today by another 3 seconds after being obstructed by traffic at the turn and less favourable weather. I couldn’t keep all the armrest spacers in as I was too high, but I was able to keep enough to keep the extensions well clear of the base bar.


Terry Garlinge - East London Velo seems pleased with his PDQ tri-spoke.


He says ... Just a massive thank you for all your help and advice with choosing this wheel.  I've now raced the tri-spoke two times - the first made top four finish at Victoria CC's Open and second time a new PB on the E2/25 at the ECCA Championship in windy and chilly conditions. The wheel handled really well and I felt completely in control.   The wheel also spins for ages and has super smooth bearings. I would highly recommend you to anyone as your customer service is so good.  Seriously ... that wheel is really fast.


He might have said ... well there's nothing more to add is there?


Photo courtesy of the maginificent Davey Jones.

Dom Crisp and  Adam Robinson - Vision Racing sponsored by Delamere Dairy / GRM property Consultants / Swinnerton Cycles ...


...both qualified at the Tour of Cambridge to go to the UCI World Amateur Championships Time Trial in Perth Australia in September.


They said ... we're chuffed to bits.


They might have said ... no way would either of us be able to do what we did without our fantastic PDQ tt bars.

Grant Anderson seems pleased as Punch with his new PDQ tri-spoke ...


He says ...  I have now done a 10 and a 25 on it and have PB’d them both so the wheel must be doing something for me! I would certainly recommend the PDQ wheel – fantastic service (received within 24 hours of ordering it), runs absolutely true, and has given me a PB on both a “10” and a “25” so far.

Adam (above) in the Warrington RC 50.

Photo courtesy Ken Norbury Spinloose


Adam Robinson from WELL up North CC ...


... fitted his new PDQ tt bars on the morning of the Warrington RC '50' then went on to ride the event and knock 5 minutes off his personal best to come 9th in the event with a time of 1hr 55min 02 sec.


He says ... The whole handlebar set up is fantastic, they allow so much adjustment to make it specific for each rider to get their optimum performance in the race or training. They allowed me to get into a very similar position as my old set but the difference in comfort and how efficient to hold the position is increased by far. I was able to hold my head up for the whole 50 mile TT, something I have never done, even on a 10 mile, which means I can hold the aero position for longer












Ricard Carr with his PDQ tt bars


He says ... Best bars in the business! Never been so comfortable and in a more aerodynamic position than I was previously!  And look how awesome  they make my bike look! Definitely recommend these bars. Thanks again Ian. 

Fergus Clinch had to wait a while until Citec finsished hand making his 8000 Shimano clincher disc ... but we hope he considers the wait was worth it.


He says ...I thought you might like to see the disc on. Looks amazing on the all black frame.  First test ride on Monday just gone. First TT with it on tomorrow night. Let's see how many seconds it shaves!!  Cheers again for your help with Citec

Mick Case Beds RC on his PDQ frame

Photo courtesy Davey Jones.

Martin Reynolds Cambridge CC with his PDQ trispoke.

Photo courtesy Davey Jones.

Caught on camera by that very nice man Stu Sklinar ... 


                        Andy Marshall ... on his PDQ frameset.                                                                Doug Hart ... on his PDQ tri-bars and trispoke.

Mark Whittaker's Diamond bike complete with PDQ tt bars


He says ...the bars feel super comfortable, easy to adjust and well made ... yes I know the steerer tube needs cutting, I'm still fiddling a little with the setup...


Ryan Smith's tt rig complete with PDQ tt bars.


He says ... Got the bars and had them cabled up! They look great and the amount of adjustability is fantastic. Went out last night for my first ride with them and I smashed the KOM on a 10 mile Strava segment by over a minute; once I have the position fine tuned times should get even quicker! They are nice and light and (perhaps most importantly) look great! Thanks again for the quick service, couldn't ask for more!

Richard Williams Bigfoot CC's controversial Felt complete with PDQ tt bars.


He says ...I managed to get a picture of my bike with the bars for you tonight. I am really enjoying using them, they're just so comfortable and the adjustability is fantastic. Great value for money too

Tristan Matthews' Giant complete with PDQ tt bars.


He says ... The bars are a dream to fit and adjust, they come with absolutely everything. I'm really impressed with the quality and they look stunning. Can't wait to put some decent miles in on them.

Andy Jackson SSLL Racing Team and his PDQ trispoke on their way to winning the BDCA 25 with a personal best time of 47.46.


He talks ... a lot of sense ... HERE





Photo courtesy Brian Hall

Bill Sedgewick's PDQ frameset package.


He says ... Ready to rock ... it looks superb ... I need all the help I can get.

Dan Martin Thanet RC's PDQ frameset package.


He says ... Just to let you know I raced the bike for the first time today and it performed perfectly. It's undeniably fast, not just aero but also really stiff and light which helps here in Kent where all the courses are rolling! It also handled the little bumps really well and was a very comfortable ride (as comfortable as a TT can be). A PB on the first time out on it is just an ode to the quality as well ... Once again, I'm super impressed by the frameset and its a lovely machine, somehow the gears work better than on my old bike so the worries about cable friction seem to be the opposite.

Andy Cole Sleaford Wheelers on his PDQ tt frame.


He says ... it looks good.


He might have said ... not only does it look bloody brilliant, it's the fastest bike I've EVER ridden and the best bang for buck out there.  Truly flabbergasted with the good Mr Cammish's excellent service too.

Lawrence Jakes' Specialised Transition complete with his logo'd up super-shiney PDQ tt bars.



He says ... I have the bars fitted and all ready to go.  Even just by sitting on my bike on my Tacx Fortius trainer I can already feel the difference.  Can't wait to get out on the open road. 
These are great 


He might have said (indeed he also DID say) ... Once all set up I will trim the ends off.  No prizes for guessing what he's referring to  ;-)

Mark Mackay Coventry CC ... with his PDQ tt bars and superlight, incredibly fast PDQ trispoke.


He says ... Apart from nearly getting blown off by strong side winds, forgetting to put carbon brake pads in pre-race so knowing I only had back brake the wheel and tri bars were perfect, being 6’ 7” I've always been cramped on bikes, but felt really comfortable. Next thing will be a frame hopefully when I've saved up.


He might have said ...if I'd been on anything other than a PDQ trispoke I WOULD have been blown off.


Photo courtesy BRIAN HALL (VERY nice man too!)



John Trott's PDQ tt frame and trispoke.


He says ... Finished bike pics on Facebook..... 'Giant Store Cognac'. Fitted with Ultegra, Durace gear shifters and Rotor Vision Chainring and cranks. Thanks ever so much for all your help. Hope you like it. I do :-)


He might have said ... I know the PDQ trispoke is fitted the wrong way round but, by all accounts, the rest of the bike will be fast enough already.  I get nose bleeds when I hit mach 3 so I'll hold back for now.

Alex Taylor's (aka Dense Voigt's) brand spanking new PDQ frame-set package complete with one or two other glamorous pieces of bike porn.


He says .. I managed to fit my BB30 chainset using a Rotor BSA30 bottom bracket. Fits like a glove (Alex is 6ft 1in and went for a size 54).  Build quality is fantastic. Cannot wait to race it!

Dawson Hardiman using his PDQ tt bars to good effect in Ironman Austria.



He says ... The bars are really good- easy to set up, neat, and solid….. and I swear they make me faster….

Mike Hingley's Planet X and PDQ tt bars


He said ... Just wanted to drop you a line this morning having used the PDQ bars in anger last night for the first time. What a difference, I mean seriously...the comfort level was astounding. I'm due to have my bike Retul'd again in 3 weeks so that will improve it further, but just on my initial setting preferences it really has made a huge difference from the stock setup I had, where my knees were clashing with my elbows. I have have sufficient clearance that this doesnt occur and as I didnt have to focus on this issue it left me to concentrate solely at the task in hand. The result of which was a 35second improvement on a 10mile TT training segment I do. What a gain.


Ant Birt's (Ipswich BC) Giant Trinity complete with a brand spanking new triple action muscle booster you can't bend it PDQ trispoke.


He said ... had a good time on Sunday's 10. Although not a PB, I was only a second off my course PB. 22:29.  It's a tough sporting course. 


The tri spoke looks and feels fast.  It also handles really well on the roundabout turns. It's stiff and unforgiving on the local potholes but once your aware of that it's easy to handlet  I felt like Tom Dumoulin even if I didn't look like him

Photo courtesy of Davey Jones

Jerome Watts (East London Velo) .... with his new PDQ tt bars.


He says ...A full on action shot from today's VCC 10.2m TT on E1/10 where I did my course PB in 24.09. Improved position thanks to the new PDQ bars courtesy of Ian Cammish. I highly recommend these bars, uber comfy, flattened my back further as managed to tweak the position inbetween my original two settings and fast looking!


He might have said ... I'd have gone even faster if I'd removed the 'quality checked' stickers from the risers when I'd finished fitting them. God only knows how many minutes that cost me!

Photo courtesy of Davey Jones

Hugo 'Hockers' Hocknell (Team Sales Engine) ... on his PDQ tt frame


He says ... The bike feels rock solid and love racing on it.

Liam Bard ... in his first season of time trialing, already with a 20-35 '10' under his belt, with his PDQ tt bars


He says ... Bars look and feel brilliant

Marcin Zimny's Cannondale complete with PDQ tt bars.


He says ...I've done one TT and the Castle Howard Tri (standard distance) last weekend. Well, I am sure it's the whole bike, not only the handle bars, but it's so much more comfortable with PDQ's (even though still sitting quite aggressive), compared to my Giant Trinity. I won't look back. I am faster by around 12-15% realistically speaking - that's pretty awesome if you ask me. 

Tim Wilcock slaughtering his PB on the Barnesbury course aided and abetted by his PDQ tt bars


He says ... I really like them and believe they will help improve my times... they've boosted my confidence no end.


And there's more! ... on Wednesday I got a 10 pb on the V718 Hull course 19:48, first time under 20mins   (I finished 21st, winner 18:17!). I set a new course and club record on our local 10 course M105, which is pretty lumpy with 21:54 the following night.


He might have said .... I certainly wouldn't have managed all that without the PDQ tt bars.

Marc Townsend (Neon Velo) on the way to a 3-53 '100' with his PDQ trispoke, Citec 8000 Ultra disc and Dugast Pista Diamond cotton tubs.


He says ... the photo was taken before the wheels fell off.


He might have said ... not literally of course.  I just blew to smithereens trying to ride a 100 with just two 500g water bottles. I reckon I look much 'cooler' than John Martin (below) too!

John Martin riding the V718 ... looking so incredibly cool on his Cervelo kitted out with his PDQ trispoke, Citec 8000 Ultra disc and Dugast Pista Diamond Silk tubs.



In fact, so cool, he didn't really have to say anything. But of course he did!


He says ...I've used the wheels 3 times this year so far. The trispoke is easier to control in strong winds than the Planet X 50mm I have. 


Photo courtesy Dave Morgan


Andy Grimmer aboard his Planet X Stealth complete with PDQ logo'd up tt bars.


He says ...superb set of bars, they are amazingly comfy and adaptable. Really been a pleasure to ride with them and made a huge difference to my digestion on the bike and also running off the bike due to the height spacers. Big hit out to come on the 19th july at Ironman uk. Thanks again.


He might have said ... sorry for the 'skewed' photo!  The photographer was heavily hung over from the pre-race celebrations

Adrian Talley's Bianchi complete with PDQ tt bars.


He says ...from the first ride they are so much more comfy ... it feels like I can get the power out ... previously I was too  low and slow. First ride on my training circuit and a 1mph pb whilst buggering about and I enjoyed it whereas before I was just knew I'd be faster on my road bike. And they look great ... I'm a bit of a tart like that but all part of the enjoyment.


He might have said ... my fencing and paving looks much better than Niall Todd's (below) don't you think?  I DO love his Lightweight disc though!

Lee Desborough in his high-viz green St Ives CC colours aboard his matt black PDQ time trial frame complete with matt PDQ logos.


He says ...finally rode the bike... on for a long 55 on the Ely CC 25ml TT when got knocked off :-0 concussion / whiplash ... bike made it through it though!


He might have said ... the Stealthy bike look will probably need a revamp with high-viz green PDQ logos.  The driver said I came at him out of the sun ... he just didn't see me  ;-)

Niall Todd's Specialized 'Shiv' (I think!) ... complete with PDQ trispoke and Dugast cotton Pista Diamond tubulars. (I just LOVE that disc!)


He says ... racing tonight at Castle Combe, got there early so I could try the PDQ versus the Lightweight VR.  3 consistent stretches, each at the same power, the PDQ came out marginally quicker, so all good there! :-)


He also said ... 3 laps into my race, with the tyre having done maybe just 20 or so miles, the Dugast on the rear had a puncture 


He might have said ... I wish I'd asked about tyre pressures earlier as 180 psi for a cotton tubular might not have neen one of my best ideas  ;-)

Andy Jackson is clearly streets ahead (okay ... one and a bit bike lengths ahead) of his team-mates in this years national team time trial championship ... and not just because he's using a PDQ trispoke.  


The fact it was probably his turn at the front probably had something to do with it too   ;-)

Photo courtesy of Brian Hall

James Rush's (CC Sudbury) Cervelo complete with his new PDQ tt bars 


He says ... nice and easy to set up and adjust with having all the different bolt lengths ... even for me as i’m terrible at bike set up usaully!




He might have said ... my builder could teach Neill Gregory's (see below) a bit about brickwork and good pointing.

L.F. A3CRG on the P something or other in Hants  (it's all in code I know!) with his PDQ tt bars


He says ... Bars received, installed and raced on. It was a 28.5m 2up event so not so easy to compare times but we did get second place. 


He might have (also) added ... so there's absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsover that we'd have been 3rd (at the VERY best)  if I hadn't been using the PDQ bars.

Photo courtesy of the legend that is ... DCB

Nev Martin  (again ... this time riding for / with Adept Precision/ NEHS RT) now fully loaded with PDQ tt handlebars  


He says ... In action! Wansbeck CC Hilly 21 - winning team. Bars were brilliant, even on a very hilly course. Handling is precise and predictable.Can't wait for a good day and a good old crack at smashing it. Cheers fella, brilliant kit!


He might have said ... today the Wansbeck CC Hilly 21 ... tomorrow the World's gurning championship.

Pierre Le Dutchman's spanking new trike complete with full carbon PDQ tt bars.


He says ... I am posting you an update on my new trike which is I am pleased to say is PDQ.  I just hope that I can do it justice. The tri bars are GREAT and provide a good position although I will be lowering them a little.  All the best Pete ... not quite PDQ yet but a bit Q er.

Photo courtesy of Geoff Booker - Trikit

Neil Gregory's (Port Talbot Wheelers) triple action muscle booster you can't bend it Planet X Exocet complete with PDQ tt bars and Citec wheels.


He says ... I would recommend the PDQ bars to anyone ... so many different set ups available it's impossible not to find the right one for you.  They also look the Bxllxcks. Customer Service has been brilliant with both bars and wheels and good advice from Ian at no extra cost can't be bad eh. Wheels look great and feel like good quality and at a lot less cost than the top brands.


He might have said ... All I need now is for someone to buy my other kidney and I'll be able to trump it all with some Dugast Pista Diamond silks.

Ed Matysiak’s Cannondale complete with logo’d up gloss PDQ bars


He says …They look fantastic. I wasn't expecting such a quality product at that price range.



He might have said … next time I paint the garage doors I’ll have to make sure I take my boots off after stepping in the paint pallet!

Malcolm Brookling's completed project  ...


He says ...  I think it looks good  ... really pleased with the frame ... quality is 1st class ... had no problems with brakes silver Zipp stickers on wheels too.  I'm sure at races it will get a lot of interest ... I will be happy to pass on your website



He might have said ... My bike looks better than yours ... nah nah ne nah nah  ;-)  I'm 5ft 10ins and long-limbed so went for a size 52.  From the centre of the bb to front tip of saddle going upwards in a straight line to the top of the saddle is 76 cm.  This might help other customers with sizing issues.

Chris Halford ...


... recently completed his PDQ tt frame / bike build.



He says ...  really pleased with the frame, it looks top quality. 



He might have said ... absolutely delighted with the frame and service provided by the legend that is Ian Cammish  ;-)  It really IS top quality.  Can't rate it highly enough.



Hugo 'Hockers' Hocknell's ...


PDQ tt frame and bars somewhere on his estate in Hemingford Grey.


He says ... took it out for the first time at the weekend and it was so fast I got back before I left.


He might have said ... I've been on the receiving end of some real kickings from Cammish over the years in the sessions we've had up and down the A1.  I can see why now  ;-) 


Pete Dyson ...


... at the Hever Castle Triathlon - Elite Olympic Distance using his PDQ bars and posting the fastest 40km bike split by over minute. That was the quickest time in the past three years and earned Pete 3rd overall on the day.


He says ...The bars aero qualities are obvious, but it's the endless adjustability that gives the biggest gains - especially useful when you're recovering from a broken collarbone!


He might have said ...if the rest of the PDQ arsenal of time trialing goodies are as good as the bars, I'll be selling a kidney to upgrade more of my kit and return next year to go even faster.

Andy Jackson - Team Swift ...


... wants to improve on his 10 mile pb of 18-02 and 5th place in the 2014 National '10' so chooses a PDQ trispoke and Dugast Piste Diamond silk tubs  :-)




He says ...   Andy Jackson@JackoTTUK   @Falco_Bike @IanCammish PDQ looking the Falco today.. Stone Wheelers 25 in an hour or so.. Time to #smashit !


He might have said ... I wish I'd had this kit for the National 10 and I'd have gone 3 seconds faster for sure!

Photo courtesy of Chris Mison

Dave Lyons - Yeovil CC ...


... with his logo'd up PDQ bars in the North Hampshire 25.



He said ... well he hasn't actually said anything yet. He was still accelerating as he went into orbit after sprinting past the finish time keeper. Hopefully, he'll be back soon to drop us his views  ;-) 

Eric Innes - Moray Firth CC ...


... steering his PDQ bars to a new 10 mile pb of 21-55.


He said ... Did my first 10 at Kincraig today with your bars.  They were amazing. PB 21.55. My previous best was 23.03.  The big difference was being able to breath.


He might have said ... A short 21 was fine but next time out remind me to suck some barley sugars to settle my stomach ... the sheer speed was quite disturbing.

Photo courtesy of Chris Mison

Martin Stanley - Didcot Phoenix CC ...


... riding the North Hampshire 25 on 13 September 2014 with his PDQ bars.


He says ... New aero bars seem to have done the trick.  I PB'd on Saturday with 58m 01s on H25/8. It was only my 3rd 25 though and on a course I did not know.  So with 1m 19s shaved off my previous time I'm pretty happy.


He might have said ... if the rest of Cammish's 'goodies' are as good as he makes out, I'll be shooting off an order for some silks soon!  ;-) 

Jim Boyle - Cherry Valley RT ...


... winning the LRRA 30 with his new logo'd up PDQ bars.


He says ...  This was my first outing on the PDQ bars.  They were perfect and I’m in no doubt they played a large part in the win. (Ian, you're better with words than me so feel free to adjust to make it sound better).


He might have said ... bloody hell. Cammish certainly doesn't bullshit. The PDQ tt bars really are the best bit of time trialing kit out there.  Absolutely superb, top notch stuff.  Incredible value for money.  I'm going to kit ALL my bikes out with them ;-)

Nic Pillinger- St Neots CC ...


... with his PDQ bars.


He says ... here's a photo from this weekend's Long Course Duathlon World Championship in Zofingen Switzerland, with me, my bike and most importantly her PDQ bars!  With 150km on the bike route and lots of climbing I needed something that would let me get into a very comfortable aero position whilst also supporting remote and extension Di2 shifters - these bars really do a great job.


He might have said ... sod the international triathlons. What really matters to me is that I'm currently the fastest EVER rider using PDQ tt bars around the Abbotsley circuit.  Without them (the bars) I wouldn't be!



Callum Finlayson's Cervelo ...


... complete with PDQ tt bars and trispoke. See what Callum said and might have said HERE

Simon Tarrant - Cheltenham and County CC ...


...with his PDQ tt bars out there in the wild west



He says ... Really pleased with the bars, great quality, plenty adjustable and they look pro. That’s got to be worth a few seconds surely!  I did have to polish 0.2mm off a small area of the stem to fit (Scott Plasma 3). But it was well worth it.


He might have said ... Get off yer horse and drink yer milk  ;-)

Photo courtesy ... erm ... the photographer (one of Allan's buddies).

Allan Mill - Sandy Wallace Cycles ...


...with his PDQ tt bars setting the world alight north of the border.


He says ... I purchased these bars in April or June and have loved every minute of them. I think value for money they are incredible. They give you a very comfortable position and look brilliant if you ask me.  And most of all Ian is fantastic to deal with :)


He might have said ... my team mate Kyle Gordon bought a set and reckoned they wouldn't fit his Orbea Ordu so had to return them for a refund. Well I'm clever! I got mine to fit ... no problem  :-)


Photo courtesy Callum Finlayson.

Callum Finlayson - Moray Firth CC ,,,

... steering his PDQ bars to the Scottish 100 mile Championship with the second fastest time EVER in Scotland 3-50-39.


He says ... I have only been on the bike four years since my stroke! I previously rode twenty plus years ago when I was sixteen ... I'm 41 now.  I have no coach.  I ride an ebay bike. The bars made a fantastic difference! 


He might have said ... if I'd had a PDQ trispoke fitted with a 20mm Dugast Pista Diamond silk tubular I'd have been well under 3-50.  The next best thing would be a sponsor ... I could then aim for total world domination  ;-)

Carl Whitwell - St Ives CC ...

... with his PDQ bars riding a 2-up with Costa Coffee


He says ... I am very happy with the bars. Far more usable than the USE Tula bars I had before.  It's actually a pleasure to use them for riding about, and they enable the brakes to actually work well.


He might have said ... we'd have slaughtered everyone if Costa had done something more than sit on my wheel all the way round.

Photo courtesy of that very nice man Davey Jones

Jonathan Coulson - PMR @Toachim House...

... with his PDQ bars during the Fanham RC 25 


He says ... I purchased a set of your TT bars back in October or November ... and I'm incredibly pleased with them. As a result, I'd like to buy another set for a track build. 



He might have said ... I can't wait for the next instalment of my student grant to come through so I can blow it all on some more 'free speed' from your site!

Photo courtesy TWG Photography

Nev Martin - Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue CC ...

... on his PDQ trispoke during the Northumberland and Durham CA 50 which won him the vets on Standard (+24) and secured the N&DCA Vet's BAR for 2014 (PB of 1.57.22).



He says ... that particular event had gusty conditions pre (hurricane) 'Bertha' but the wheel behaved immaculately!


He might have said ... my bike looks the bee's knees (IMO) but it would look SOOOO much better with white walled tubulars ;-)

Photo courtesy Eric Potts - Barnesbury CC 

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