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“I could write a book” I said.  But Peter Whitfield, author of Twelve Champions, The Condor Years and more, told me “there’s no money in it” so for anyone who’s interested here’s a totally free, unexpurgated insight into time trialling through the ages from yours truly … Ian Cammish aged 55 ¼.

Hopefully it won't come across as an 'up my own posterior' tribute to myself because that most definitely is not the intention.  Over the forty-plus years I've been cycling a lot of influential people have helped me achieve what I set out to do but inevitably over the period of time we have all each gone our own separate ways. This is just one way of expressing my gratitude to you all. If it also brings back fond memories of yesteryear to any time trialling enthusiasts who happen to stumble on the site, then so much the better  :-) 



The Final Reveal – In Memory of Roger Queen


The final reveal is here!  I hope it captures some of the spirit of the great man who ruled the F1 when he was at the peak of his powers.  He was a man of few words, a giant among the local time-trial aficionados who knew him well. He was a mighty presence who is sadly missed ...


We shall let the pictures that follow speak for themselves.  I’m sure those of you who knew Roger can relate to the great man through this dedicated build which is a mark of respect for the man who departed this world too early.  RIP Roger.




























Bottom bracket area where it was decided to go with a sealed BB cartridge set up.





























During the build with the seatpost nicely displaying what Roger achieved ... and, right, is his distinctive chainring design made from carbon.




Look for me when the tide is high and the gulls are wheeling overhead

When the autumn wind sweeps the cloudy sky and one by one the leaves are shed

Look for me when the trees are bending and that float evening has been dashed

When the morning mist hangs on the air and I head to the start.

I am there, when the time keeper counts me down

Where the silks hum and the tall grass grows passes by and sunlight warms the afternoon

I am there in the HQ discussing times and eating cake

I take the win and greet the applause with a grin

In your quiet room - I am there truing a wheel and cleaning chrome

So all I ask is - look for me when you ride 






More of the build below;





























The engraving work tends to stand out which I hope Roger would have liked.  That was the sole purpose of the build.






























Nice shot of the milled brake lever and the beauty of the engraving with the times Roger did for 30 record and 50 title.








































Slotted Gear lever and a little stamping on the fork crown says it all really.
































Nice neat fast back seat stays with a flush capscrew to finish the theme of chrome off nicely






























The bike is coming together nicely now. The crisp early morning sun shines down on this machine






































Highly polished Campagnolo Nuovo Record brakes ... the same as  which Roger used 


























Campanolo Super Record Pista Record Pedals with Campagnolo straps and clips .





























Dugast Diamond Pista Silk Tubulars were used as the nearest thing to Clement 3’s thanks to Lord Cammish's sweet deals































Campagnolo Super Record Mk.1 rear mech used with some nice custom touches to add to the uniqueness of this bike






























Campagnolo Nuovo Record Large Flange Hubs ... 28/28 on Super Champion Medaille D’Or rims.












































The Cinelli bars showing beautiful engravings with the times for the 30 mile record and the 50 mile championship win.












































The unique chainring that Roger designed and used ... but this one is carbon!

























































The seatpost ... Campagnolo Nuovo Record with the added markings of a champion








































Lovely suede 3TTT saddle adorned this bike as it's period ... not sure what Roger actually used though?








































Good close clearance which is just 2mm but can be adjusted closer with the track end drop outs!


All the next shots are of the finished machine which I believe Roger would be proud of ... all dedicated to such a giant of Time Trialling 





































































































There are a lot of people who helped in this project and I thank them all for putting up with my detailed requests.  I really wanted to get this just right and I do hope you enjoyed the journey with me. I would like to think Roger’s presence in spirit is looking down in appreciation of this project which is now here for all to enjoy.


Untill the next project my best wishes to one and all ... Nobby 


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