PDQ CARBON TIME TRIAL BARS ... much the same as all the top guys are using ... but probably not quite as expensive.

The original and highly popular PDQPB with or without logos:



Stackable tri bar/pads - complete with 10mm

                                         and 20mm risers and pads.

Minimum stack height (with no risers) - approx 5cms.

Stack height can be approx 50mm, 60mm, 70mm or                                      80mm with supplied risers and bolts.

Extra riser kits available to increase stack height even                                                                                 more! 

Standard 22mm extension clamp. 

Standard 31.8mm stem clamping section. 

Length adjustable extensions.

Width/reach adjustable arm rest pads.

UCI Legal 3:1 aspect.

42cm c/c base bar.

Slight drop on base bar.

Internal cable routing.

Di2 compatable.

Low weight - 600grams.

Clamping area - very slightly splayed - 42 mm wide at the front and  46 mm at the rear. Will NOT fit Oval Concepts 760 (for example).

Superb width adjustability.

        Go narrow like Tony Martin (and me) ...



I got my first set of these before I realised I was past it and time trialling 'sucked'.  They are VERY nice ... extremely light and mega-adjustable both length and width ways.  You could even have the elbow rests (just about) touching if you're a Tony Martin wanabee.


Why try to go lower and possibly lose power, when you can go narrower and still put out the same power?


Following the current trend, the extensions (as well as the elbow rests) are raised above the base bar to follow the underside of the forearms which helps to 

eliminate 'dirty' airflow.  


Think about it ... the cockpit is one of the first things to hit the air. 'Smooth the lines' out there and you're going to save watts.  Save watts and you'll go faster. No doubt about it.


Take a look at Wiggo's tt bikes (see top right) ... Hutch's too ... because these guys have been in the wind tunnel and know what's what. One thing is for sure, they wouldn't be using this type of set up if it wasn't faster. 


They are going to be more aerodynamic than 'standard' tt bars ... surely?  


Pick up a REAL bargain before they've gone!


The original PDQPB matt and gloss with and without logos at just £249.99 in stock and ready to dispatch.


      Matt                     Matt with logos

Matt finish

 Gloss                      Gloss with logos

Gloss finish

... or wide like Billy Bunter ...

Also now available with superfast PDQ PB logos ... if you want.  If you really really want.


... AND ... if you need more extensions,  risers or pads ...

1 pr tt bar clamps


1 pr ALPHA pads

2 x 20 mm PDQ mk 2 risers / spacers


Matt                   Matt with logos

Gloss  PDQ extensions - complete with 'bungs'


Matt PDQ extensions - complete with 'bungs'


1 pr Tri-bar bungs - complete with hole to allow internal cabling to pass through extensions.


1 pr full carbon elbow rests



     Matt                          Gloss


1 pr PDQ PB replacement foam bar pads inc velcro sticky backing.



1 pr full carbon ALPHA elbow rests


Matt                                Gloss

… oh … and of course the small print!


I’ve been using my own set since last October for training (I stopped racing a year ago after the white van man incident). This has included hard, all-out interval sessions as well as plenty of hours in the saddle (not as many as in the good old days sadly) without any mishaps or breakages. My supplier offers a 12 month warranty which I will gladly honor to purchasers of PDQ bars.


All PDQ carbon fibre handlebars are therefore guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. I will replace any bars that are deemed defective due to workmanship within the specified warranty period or refund within 28 days of purchasing.


You don't HAVE to spend up to £110 more for something similar ... but you can if you want to  :-)


And just to prove it's not all 'sales hype' ... take a look to the below to see Brian Hall's superb photos of the top four riders in the 2013 National 25 miles championship. It's no co-incidence that they're all using handlebars with the extensions raised above the base bar (NOT fitted to it). Anything else and you're probably throwing away time to the opposition.  Are you really good enough to be able do that?

2 x 10 mm and 2 x 20 mm PDQ mk 2 risers / spacers



Replacement risers / spacers ... these are replacement sections for use when you have lost or damaged your own bar part. They should not be used to extend the height of the bars beyond what is supplied as standard with the bars at the original time of purchase. Fitting additional risers / spacers over and above those originally supplied with the bars nullifies the bars' warranty.



Until I can find a 'Go to Cart' icon, I'm afraid you'll have to go your cart by clicking 'Cart' in the toolbar at the top of the page. OK so I'm an IT numpty!  ;-)


And ... I'll willingly ship abroad (and indeed am doing so) but need to agree the shipping costs first.  Email me to discuss.   ian_cammish@hotmail.com

What you're saying ...


'I have been using 40cm PDQ bars for over a year now and I have found them and Ian's knowledgeable advice and general custom service nothing short of excellent. I have arrived at a set up that lets me get the most of the bike and myself and can strongly recommend PDQ bars to anyone considering an upgrade, or using them in a new TT/tri build' ...Russ - Wight Tri.

Bars arrived promptly and I've finally got around to swapping out the Profile Design set on my Scott Plasma. Initial impressions are good- high quality finish and easy to assemble and adjust. I opted for a Profile Design Aeria stem that fits very nicely. I've saved about 200grams in weight, and cleaned up the frontal profile.Whilst not quite as aero as something fully integrated, I'll happily lose a few watts for something that's easy to work on ... JN Beckenham


Already own a set of these bars, bought them from you two years ago. Won my age group at Ironman Wales on them used same set up in Ironman Worlds at Kona this year. Fantastic bars! Although they have there limits, couldn’t handle being run over by my van after local 10mile tt on Wednesday night ! ... NM  Tenby


Now done 2 TT's on the bars and I wanted to make sure the first time wasn't a fluke.  I have managed to knock just under 2 mins of each course PB.  They're comfy, my power is up and most importantly my position is more aero. Oh and as my friend put  it, "they look pro!"

It's going to be a good season as I can feel there is more to come ... NR Cheltenham


Many thanks for your great service, the bars are an amazing bargain and weren't any problem to set up at all. I love the adjustability they offer! … I'll definitely be recommending these bars to my mates, the quality is amazing ... R. W. Eltham   


Bars turned up today, and I'm lost for words, which is unusual 
for me. So, so pleased … 110% happy
... C.R. Lutterworth.


Just wanted to drop you a line this morning having used the PDQ bars in anger last night for the first time. What a difference, i mean seriously...the comfort level was astounding. I'm due to have my bike Retul'd again in 3 weeks so that will improve it further, but just on my initial setting preferences it really has made a huge difference from the stock setup I had, where my knees were clashing with my elbows. I have have sufficient clearance that this doesnt occur and as I didnt have to focus on this issue it left me to concentrate solely at the task in hand. The result of which was a 35second improvement on a 10mile TT training segment i do. What a gain ... M Hingley, Barrow in Furness


A stonking pair of aero bars ... JM Skirling, Borders


Many thanks. The bars are awesome. Really happy ... MA Kings Lynn


Great item. Absolutely awesome. Many thanks. Very speedy delivery ... DW Corwen


One word ... 'awesome!'  CL Burnham on Sea


Recently purchased a couple of pairs of these and they are superb. Perfect on my track bike and nothing like them for the price SB Leeds


Excellent Tri Bars ... lots of adjustment and light. Super fast post. Recommended!   RT Sheffield


The bars arrived yesterday morning, looking great, fitted them on my cervelo P3 in the afternoon, rode it in the evening, in the island championships. Posted my best time this year and medaled!!!! Result, thanks again  JG Jersey


Did my first 10 at Kincraig today with your bars. They were amazing … PB 21.55.  My previous best was 23.03 … the big difference was being able to breath.  EI Bonnie Scotland


Just a quick update on tt bars I got of you. Just what I needed to get position right and first tt using them did a pb by 30 seconds. What a difference they have made unbelievable. AJ Southampton


Got the PDQ bars bang on time. Really pleased (couple of course PBs since putting them on - musn't grumble!). Club mates at the evening 10 seem to like them too. Thanks!  JC Chelmsford


The bars have arrived, they look awesome ... if they perform as good as they look then I will be over the moon.  J F Kenilworth


... bars arrived 9 30 am,,!!! awesome piece of kit, in process of setting them up now, thanks for everything ... BS Preston


Amazing ... RC Basingstoke


Great stuff ian. great service :-) … DW Southampton


Just to let you know they have arrived this morning safe and sound. The do look vey good many thanks … JH Swadlincote


I am very happy with the bars. Far more usable than the USE Tula bars I had before, it's actually a pleasure to use them for riding about, and they enable the brakes to actually work well ... CW Peterborough


…they look class, and will look even better, once I get them on the bike … WM Invergordon


Just received the bars and well pleased with them … JH Spalding


Happy to day they have arrived safe and sound this morning. They look the dogs. I've been after some bars of this type for a couple of years but no way was I paying Missile, Brezza, Vuka prices, same far east factories making all this carbon kit, just different stickers. Cheers and I shall spread the word ... AG East London


Awesome response time! Thank you again for non stop great customer service. I can’t help but be amazed the whole time. You are a true gent and it has been a pleasure to deal with you ... GC Ashford


Got 'em this morning and just fitted them- lovely job ... WH Cornwall