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Yes!  After exhaustive wind tunnel testing along the renowned F2A 10 course in Cambridgeshire, experts in the field have been drawn to conclude that the new PDQ PB trispoke is definitely the fastest wheel EVER in Waresley and even possibly the World  ;-)


What makes it so fast?  The rider of course BUT ... in comparison to other wheels over a variety of courses and conditions, its weight and shape makes it one of the fastest and easiest to handle I've ever ridden. 


The 12k full carbon weave construction means these wheels are tough!


The 50mm deep V section rim, together with the tear-drop shape of the 'spokes' make them extremely aerodynamic and, I've found, easier to handle in crosswinds than other 'wind tunnel tested' brands I've used in the past.


Why shell out on any other make of tri-spoke if it's no good when conditions get tough?  When the going DOES get tough, this one REALLY gets going.


This is the 'any course ... any condition' front wheel.    
NEW LOGOS AVAILABLE ... IF REQUIRED.                                           



700c Tubular or clincher

Rim depth: 50mm

Spoke depth: 70mm

Rim width: 20mm

Weight: 730gms (+/- 25 gms) ... for tubular version

Construction: 12k weave  matt carbon

Super smooth quality bearings

Fully CTT legal

Complete with q/r skewer, carbon specific brake pads and valve extender 

With or without PDQ PB logos in stock.  Your own colour choice of logos within a few days

Full 12 month warranty in respect of any defects in materials and workmanship.

Only to be used with brake pads supplied with wheel. Spares available HERE

Just £529.99  shipped.

To clear at £399.99!


Ahem ... as used by the newly crowned National Junior 10 mile champion Jake Wright - Team Zappi.


Jake, the master of the understatement, reported that the PDQ PB trispoke "was very stable ... in the mega crosswinds. I had to lean into the wind a little bit but able to keep it on the skis. Lots of other people had to go to the base bar. Was kind of hoping it would be a bit windy so I'd be at an advantage" 


Stable enough for a 20-15 ride ... a gold medal ... and a win by 17 seconds.


Jake weighs in at just 60.5kgs ... so if anyone was going to get blown about ... he would have been.


He wasn't.  


The rest is history  :-)


PDQ trispokes ... 'tried and tested' country-wide.

What you're saying ...


Wheel received with thanks....and what a wheel it is. Totally true and balanced, which is more than can be said for the H3 rear that sat in my garage..! Excellent product, thanks   NA Flitwick


Just to let you know, I rode the wheel in difficult conditions on Sunday and was delighted with it   NM  Gateshead


Yes...wheel is great. It's the first wheel I have had since the late 1980s that you can hold in your hands while spinning and if your eyes are shut you cannot tell it is going round! My very old Mavic hubs were like that and since then nothing came close...until now!   C.M. California, USA


The trispoke is a thing of beauty, just spent the last week or so looking at it whilst turbo-ing!   PL Coulsdon


I’ve done two events with the bars and the tri spoke now.  Saturday's event was Maidenhead & District H15/10. A circuit event with hills, turns, sweeping bends etc. and a cold North wind blasting through the course.Came 5th 38 secs behind John McClelland the winner and over two minutes quicker than last year.This was a good test for the wheel and it performed faultlessly. It does seem quick in a straight line but its more about the handling characteristics, they are outstanding. 

The previous week was Farnborough & Camberley H10/8. Half a minute quicker than last year there. That had a stiff wind blowing again.The handling was again faultless.I had a 90mm front as my 1st choice wheel prior to this and it would have stayed in the car on both occasions in those conditions as I would have been blown all over the road with it.  The bars are also very good. A change of position has contributed to the reduction in times of the above ... S W London




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