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National Champions choose PDQ.

PDQ headquarters is pleased to have National Junior Champion Jake Wright riding one of its PDQ trispokes during 2017. Jake (formerly of Identity RT) is currently riding for the strong Zappi Racing Team but will be dabbling in domestic time trialling when time permits ... and the mood takes him. Woe betide anyone who would back him NOT to break a competition record should the V718 be blessed with his presence.


He's already won at least one 'open' this season and has had several good placings abroad.


PDQ's trispokes are renowed for their speed, but Jake has had no problem whatsoever keeping up with his (although he's still to do a turn at the front of course!).  ;-)


Photos courtesy of Martin Holden

... and north of the border ...



Not content with dominating time trialing in the metropolis of nightlife that is the village of Waresley,

Bedfordshire, the management team behind PDQ cycling products has released a press statement

announcing its intentions to take on the world.  First on board to help with achieving the objective is

Scotland’s newest National time trail champion Callum Finlayson – Moray Firth CC (right).


PDQ’s oldest ever rider in the Universe Ian Cammish was pleased with their latest ‘acquisition’.  “Callum’s

got great potential. Just look what he’s already achieved at the tender age of 41.  There aren’t many

cyclists living in Forres who have suffered a stroke and won the Scottish national 100 miles championship

all in the space of 5 years.  Wait until he’s my age … he’ll be 57 then”.


Finlayson, flush with his national success and the public adulation arising out of Ed Hood’s excellent

Veloveritas article HERE has been chomping at the bit and intends finishing his season with a flurry.

“Hoots mon … the PDQ bars I fitted earlier this year have helped me bridge the gap from a 21 stone

caber tossing, whiskey swigging, haggis loving also-ran with a dodgy ticker to the brink of international



A PDQ trispoke has only very recently been fitted to Finlayson’s Cervelo arousing fear amongst the

opposition north of the border.


Finlayson has been warned that the difference between his current front wheel set up and the PDQ

trispoke will be significant … “it will be like coming down from altitude” … “it will be like steering a razor

blade with a rocket up its jacksy” are just two of the claims being made by the PDQ boffins.


They go on to insist however, that the stories circulating around the international time trial circuit

suggesting that PDQ trispokes are so fast their owners are required to sign forms of indemnity before

using them, or that they carry any Government Health warning stickers (ie the trispokes … not their

owners), are completely unfounded.


Despite already having ridden a set of PDQ time trial bars to the second fastest EVER 100 mile time in

Scotland, Finlayson is confident that he can go even faster in the future and is targeting Cammish’s old

100 mile record once his new front wheel has been fitted.  “Everyone knows English miles are shorter

than Scottish ones but we’ll be changing all that when we gain our independence in the next few months.

Cammish’s 100 mile rides are sheer fabrication … in my opinion anyway.  No-one could go that fast

unless they were charged up to the eye-balls on Porridge and Iron-bru.”


Finlayson is clearly full of ambition and has no intention of following in the footsteps of two great Scottish

iconic figures that have disappeared without trace (Nessie in Loch Ness and Robert the Bruce’s incy

wincey spider up the drain-pipe).  


Scottish National 100 miles champion Callum Finlayson chooses PDQ tt bars.

Photos (above and below) courtesy Martin Williamson

Finlayson's Cervelo freshly kitted out with his new PDQ trispoke.

Photo courtesy of Pedigreed cars Forres, Clunhill School of Motoring, Citroen and Roundup Pro Biactive 360 Total Weed Control for car drives.

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