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Compatible stem2.JPG

We often get asked "what's the best stem for your PDQ aero tt bars?"  By 'best' we're assuming you mean "most aerodynamic".  Until now, we had a stock answer ...

"VERY rarely, customers have found their 'aero' stems don't fit as the clamping areas are not compatible (ie the stem's are too wide to fit the base bar).   

95 % of stems DO fit  I'm sure some customers have found 'aero' stems that DO fit but I wouldn't like to quote any without having tried them myself to be 100% sure.  Vision Metron,   USE R1 aero, TriRig, Enve etc are examples of ones which MIGHT fit. It could be worth contacting suppliers and ask them to measure the clamping area width before purchasing."

PROGRESS!!  Thanks to Oliver Ray from Reigate, Surrey we now know!  This one looks good. It's a Profile Design Aeria. Neither of us are on commission ... but how's that for a starter?

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