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Bike Box Hire


Almost the cheapest in the UK.


Probably the cheapest in Cambridgeshire.


Most definitely the cheapest in Waresley.


These ‘bikeboxcompany’ bike boxes are renowned for their quality and durability. You can be sure your beloved bike / wife / husband / dirty washing / laundered money will be safe from the hands of the biggest, strongest and most couldn’t-give-a-shitest Ryanair baggage handlers packed away in one of these.


Size Internal dimensions 112cm wide at bottom (99cm wide at top) x 75cm high x 29cm deep.


Weight: 13.5 kgs


These cases are constructed using an extremely strong, plastic shell and have deep, corrugated foam inners to protect your crown jewels.

To get your bike in, you'll need to take the wheels off and store them in the padded bags provided. You'll then need to remove the pedals, seat-post and bars. Finally, strap everything down and lock the case.


To get your wife or husband in, you will probably need their consent and an element of flexibility given the fact it may well be a bit of a tight squeeze compared to your pre-booked extra legroom seat in First Class.


A combination lock will keep everything secure and additional clamps on the sides offer further security.  It has four wheels and a really nice bobby dazzler handle so you can pull it along most surfaces without any trouble.

  Textured plastic outer box

  2 large end wheels and 2 trolley wheels for easy movement around airports etc

  Fold-out top handle

  Fold-out end handle for pulling the case along

  Dense foam lining with corrugated foam padding inside on base and lid

  2 zipped,  wheel bags with carry handles that can be used on their own

  Suitable for road bikes and Cross Country MTBs

  Small enough to fit within airline baggage restrictions


Box hire prices are:
£30 for 7 days 
£55 for 14 days

For daily rate … just ask. 

A returnable £100 cash deposit is required. 

A current photo ID eg passport, driving licence and utility bill with address is required on collection of the box. 


For collection from the metropolis of everything that is good in cycling ... PDQ HQ Waresley (15 miles west of Cambridge).

We suggest you take out your own insurance to cover any loss or damage to your bike or the bike box. 

Contact  for further information, availability and / or to book.

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