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Coaching / mentoring / training partner / 2 up partner ... make me a (realistic) offer and I'm yours.

Soul available even cheaper elsewhere on site ;-)

10 (or 5) x PDQ CBA carbon gloss bottle cages £130 (or £70) inc shipping.


1 pr Vittoria Crono CS 18 orange tt tubs. Hard to get hold of .. if not, impossible.  New and unused. £100

1 pr NOS Vittoria CX Seta 19 mm tubs


NOS Santini Raleigh RRA s/s skinsuit. XL. £55

NOS Santini Team Raleigh s/s skinsuit. Large. £55

Old NOS club / team kit here

1 x Araya 28 spoked aero World Champion tubular rim.


1 pr Suntour Superbe-Pro metal crank dust caps.



Any enquiries please to ..

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