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You can't really fault a bike that takes you to more National Championships and records that you care to remember can you?  My 1983 Brian Rourke is / was (as I've still got it!) one such bike.  

With a little help from me ;-) it was the first bike to break 30 mph for an out and home 50 with a time of 1hr 39 mins 51 secs.  It was also the bike I used to break the national '100' comp record in the same year with 3 hr 31 mins 53 secs.

In five consecutive weekends during 1983, it took me to three National Championships and two comp records.

I got new bikes to use each year but I always seemed to go back to the 1983 version when I was lacking form and not getting the results.

Without a LOT of research I honestly couldn't say exactly how many National Championships this little beauty was responsible for.  For that very reason alone I haven't had the heart to bin it.

Frameset: Brian Rourke lo-pro built with Columbus 'Air' tubing supplied by Italo Berigliano at Saba.

Cranks: PMP 'L' shaped 177.5mm with Campag 56 t chainring

Bottom bracket: OMAS titanium single

Pedals:  Cinelli M71

Brakes and levers:  Modollo Kronos

Gear mech:  Mavic (mechano!)

Gear lever:  Modolo black resin aero

Bars:  Cut down and inverted Cinelli 66 / 44s 

Stem: 13 cm Cinelli 2A track stem

Saddle:  Cinelli buffalo padded

Chain:  Everest slotted

Freewheel:  Maillard 12-17 alloy

Hubs:  Campag Record s/f q/r

Spokes:  28 front and rear  2X Berg Chrome d/b

Rims:  Assos 18mm aero grey

Tubulars:  Clement Folgores

The wheels were built by Brian Rourke.  These were my 'comp record' wheels / tubs. I also had another set with Mavic CX18 rims.

My choice of tubs varied according to courses and conditions.  I started off on Barums but when I realised how much difference a decent set of tubs made I started experimenting - first Clements (Strada 66s, No 8s and 9s) then on to silks, notably Pneus Dourdoigne Grand Prix De Nations which were brilliant.  Unfortunately Sprint Tubs of Wirral (the company in the UK that sold them ... at only £12.50 a piece too) disappeared off the scene (probably went bust due to selling tubs too cheaply) so everyone had to start looking at what else was available.  At the time I was being 'helped out' by Italo Berigliano of Saba and he got me on to Clement Folgores which I went on to do all my best rides on.  Italo sadly passed away and Saba bit the dust shortly thereafter   After dabbling with Wolber Record Pistas, Routes and Soyos (which weren't particularly hard wearing and were dire in the wet) I moved on to Clement No 1s and 3s - truly superb!   

Italo and me on the Saba stand at the Harrogate Cycling Festival 1982.  This particular bike, which was built by Colin Every, is another of my favourites.

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