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The speed of the PDQ trispokes continues to amaze
even me.


Chris Maund sent a cheque for his from California in Monday 12 January 2015. The

cheque took 11 days to arrive by post.


Chris’s PDQ trispoke was dispatched from Fox Street Post Office in Little Gransden,

Bedforshire at 2.05pm on Thursday 29 January. It arrived in at Chris’ home in California

(that’s the California in the United States of America) at 4-02pm on Friday 30 January.


Now that IS PDQ isn’t it?


After picking himself up off the floor (as I did when I heard just how quick it had got there)

and regained his composure long enough to be able to string a few words together,

Chris’ said … “All looks good and intact. That hub is VERY smooth. Once I've ridden

it I'll give you some feedback”.



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