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OKAY so it wasn't really a 'prestigious iconic masterpiece of silverware' ... but it WAS the first trophy I / we ever won (as far as I can recall).


We lived in St Ives at the time and must have only been 15 or 16 years old. I

don't think we were even in a cycling club then, although we used to ride our

bilkes quite regularly 'racing' each other round a circuit based on Marsh Lane,

Hemingford Grey. We'd do it team time trial fashion doing one turn at the front

each round the three mile or so circuit. We'd start the sprint outside

Hemingford school with the finish line outside Matthew's house in Madeley

Court (strange how I can remember all that but ask me something that

happened yesterday and I'd problebly be struggling!).


So we weren't complete novices when we signed up to ride the St Ives Youth

Club's Orienteering 'race' during the school holidays.


The 'race' involved riding as a group around a set course (I remember riding

through Woodhurst and Hilton ... the rest is just a blur!) with rendezvous points

where we'd have to stop to answer questions.  


We answered LOTS of questions which probably weren't correct but we were

the first group back so won the event (one has to question how intellectually

gifted the opposition was don't you think?).


That's me in the middle (see right) with my brother David on the left and Matt.


It would be nice to be starting all over again ...


Thanks Matt for the photo.









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