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One set of new PDQ bars complete with new PDQ PB logos.

To be honest (I always like to be upfront and don't really want anyone returning them) … these bars were found to have a very slight mark on the top of the base bar. Not a scratch … but looks like a pencil line (which it isn’t!). In an attempt to hide the mark I decided to fix some logos which I think look quite good (hope you agree?). Not sure how permanent the lettering will be but if you don’t like … you can peel it off.


The mark is across the 'b' in 'pb'.  Only noticeable in a certain light ... as the photos show :-).


In addition, one of the extension clamps had to be carefully ‘modified’ to fit the riser. This involved the careful use of a fine file by yours truly. Everything now fits just as it should do and no file work is evident when everything is slotted together, in place and ready to go.


Take a look at the photos and see what you think.


All brand new complete with risers, bolts and pads.


One set, and one set only, at £219.99
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