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PDQ track / time trial fuselage.

The brief was to come up with the lightest, most energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing track / time trial bike possible.


We believe the objective has been achieved! 


The frontal area of the frame has been 'smoothed out' by incorporating an aero fairing into the head tube area and the front brake moved to behind the fork crown.


The frame can be used for both track and time trial use. It can be used with either ‘drop’ handlebars (not supplied) or a more aero set-up like the PDQ tt cockpit (not supplied) for time trial or pursuit use. Simply remove the brake caliper and two bosses for use on the track.


The fuselage is supplied complete with frame, forks, seat post, headset, adjustable stem and front TRP TTV brake.


NO BARS ARE SUPPLIED but can be purchased separately., 


This frame can be used both on the road AND on the track.


For track disciplines simply remove the TRP brake bosses from behind the forks, and add either drop bars (as in the first photograph on the right) or, for the pursuit, a tt cockpit (second photo ... below left) and Bob's your Uncle!

Replace the bosses, add the TRP calipers and a brake lever (third photograph ... bottom right) and you're ready to set the World alight on the flat dual carriageways up and down the UK.

The benefits of riding 'fixed' are numerous:

Less components ... so lighter ... more efficient and more aerodynamic.

Takes the doubt out of wondering whether or not you're 'in the right gear'.

Stops you dropping it onto the 11 and leaving it there.

Teaches you to pedal.

Easier to clean!


Contact me for sizing advice or frame specifications. 


For info ... I'm 6ft 2in and this is my Ice Cool LOOK 57. 


The same sized frame should also suit riders a tad shorter (with a shorter stem) or someone taller.


Available in two different colour schemes ...


The Pro1 LOOK ... above


The Pro2 LOOK ... above

Available in limited sizes and numbers ... with a choice of three stem lengths.

                            JUST £1049.99


                 Pro1LOOK 57            Pro2 LOOK 57
TTT spec1.JPG
TTT spec2.JPG
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