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At the beginning of 2018 we started selling PDQPB aero stems which fitted very nicely with our PDQPB aero tt handlebars.

They sold well ... BUT we had a small number of customers who were, shall we say, slightly mechanically / technically inept and over-torqued the fixing bolts resulting in a few failures. We even had one who greased the threads before torquing!

'Slipping' handlebars is NOT uncommon. Google it and you'll see this can occur even with the most popular brands. Remedies include using carbon paste, adding slips of 'skateboard' grip, sand, taking the shine off the clamping surfaces etc etc. Simply increasing the torque beyond the maximum recommended value is NOT the answer as it will inevitably result in failure. So don't do it!

Good for our word, all failures were replaced under warranty.

Obviously though, continuing to do this did not make good business sense so we stopped stocking them.

Since then, we have continued to receive enquiries from customers asking what happened to them and could we recommend any similar types of stem that fitted the PDQPB bars.

Similar types of stem ARE available BUT they cost an arm and a leg.

We aim to provide tried and tested carbon products at an affordable price.

The stem I fitted to my own tt rig has proved no problem whatsoever ... and that is after using it for 18 months or so.  I am therefore as satisfied that I can be that the stems are 'good'. However, I can't speak for those fitted incorrectly.

Having said all that, and to cut to the chase asap (my typing finger is getting numb!), we have decided to restock them and make them available to the cycling public SUBJECT TO STRICT PROVISIONS. 

These are being sold as 'ex-display' with NO WARRANTY whatsoever.  If you are prepared to take the risk, and accept the 'NO WARRANTY' / NO RETURNS / NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEE proviso, they are now available at the superb unbeatable price of just £109.99 shipped.

They are available in two different lengths ... 90 and 110 mm. In matt black only.

                          £109.99 shipped

                               90 mm                              110 mm                           

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