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RIP Rivat

It is with an extremely heavy and saddened heart that I have to announce that after 35 years of the greatest service in the history of mankind (unless you know otherwise of course ... in which case DO let me know), one of my Rivat racing shoes has finally rolled over and given up the ghost.

A present from the late and great Mr Ron Kitching, they took me to several National Championships and records before being put out to stud (regrettably without any success) to live out the rest of their life in the comfort of the garage for an 'easy' last few years on the turbo.

A service to commemorate their long, successful and, hopefully, happy life will be held in due course. Date and time to be confirmed.

Flowers please to PDQ HQ.  Messages of support and / or comfort to



Happier days (left) ... en route to another National Championship.  Gone but not forgotten.  RIP Rivat

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