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At last ... something on the site worth reading!

A week or so ago, at the Wychwood Road Club 36 mile time trial (won incidentally by the great Andy Wilkinson), Peter Whitfield launched the release of his latest book 'Time Speed and Truth' which tells the story of Time Trialling since its inception in 1890.

Alf Engers, Martyn Roach and Glenn Longland were amongst those present ... see photos below.

The book really is a great read and includes lots of pictures and photographs to help tell the story. 

If you liked Bernard Thompson’s book ‘Alpaca to Skinsuit – 50 years of time trialling’ then this is classic ‘must-have’ read.   Bernard's book is now  fetching well over £100 a copy … just do a Google search and see for yourself!  You can grab yourself the latest piece of time trialling history for something considerably less ... ie for only £25 including p & p.  Contact Peter at   

Peter Whitfield (left) and the legend that is ... Alf Engers.

Former BBAR and multi-National Champion Martyn Roach with Alf.

More legends than you can shake a stick at ... Andy Wilkinson and Glenn Longland.

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