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Are these the world’s most expensive bottle cages?


Some cyclists like to spend the Earth on ‘designer’ products when cheaper alternatives are freely

available.  I mean …  why do people pay two or three times as much for something which is highly

unlikely going to make a scrap of difference to how fast they’re going to go?  


If carbon bottle cages cost £1699.99 a time … would that attract the same type of buyer I wonder?


Well I’ve recently taken delivery of a VERY limited quantity of what could possibly be the most

expensive bottle cages in the world…. and they’re retailing at exactly that!  £1699.99 for one cage!


To be honest, they don’t strike me as being anything out of the ordinary and if I didn’t know any better

I’d say they could be picked up from China for a few quid a time, but with such a hefty price tag they

must be worth every penny … mustn’t they?


Surprisingly the cages aren’t boxed.  They are supplied without the obligatory state-of-the-art

titanium fitting bolts but are, nevertheless, individually and luxuriously presented in 250mm x 180mm

plastic bags.  Clearly, expense has been spared in maximising the aesthetic appeal of these

little gems.


They tip the scales … just!  They are that light.


Supplied in a choice of finishes (as you’d expect if you’re having to sell a kidney, fiddle your

expenses or kick the other half out to do some overtime solely for your own self indulged benefit)

they come in matt or … erm … matt.  


If you are one of the rare breed of cyclists that has all the gear and no idea, confirm your mates'

impressions of you by showing them you have indeed got more money than sense by buying yours



                       1 x World's most expensive bottle cage (possibly) @ £1699.99 





AND for a limited period only … buy one of these bottle cages and I’ll throw in a PDQ tt frameset package like THIS ONE for absolutely FREE … BUCKSHEE … GRATIS … ON THE HOUSE … ABSOLUTELY NOWT!   (Let me know if you want one ... and what size if so).


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