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PDQ TRACK / TIME TRIAL                           FUSELAGE



10 years ago, I joined Planet X as a team rider. As part of the sponsorship package I was supplied with a fixed wheel time trial bike (basically a track bike with a front brake).

I learned a LOT from that.

I didn’t have a power meter at the time but using ‘fixed’ was as good as having one! For one … it stopped me starting too hard. I chose a gear I felt comfortable with at race speed. Needless to say that was pretty big, so a steady start was necessary to avoid going in to the red!

Another benefit was that the ride had to be controlled to prevent over-cooking it on the drags. All this helped to ‘even out’ the effort.

That season I recorded four 50 minute 25 mile rides and 16 open wins (all at the ripe old age of 52!). The following season I went on to ride my fastest ever 50 on ‘fixed … a 1-41.

Since then I've always been a fan of ‘fixed’ and, to this day, continue to train and test equipment using a converted track bike.

Over the past year or so I have continued to develop my passion for this type of training / racing by creating an even more aerodynamic and lighter tt / fixed bike. To move all this up to the next level, I looked closely at the bikes currently being used in World track competitions to come up with something that is equally at home on both the track and the road. I have liaised closely with the various manufacturers of PDQ's highly successful and reliable range of carbon products and after many tweaks and updates have come up with something I am VERY impressed with and excited about.

This frame CAN be used both on the road AND on the track.


For track disciplines simply remove the TRP brake bosses from behind the forks, and add either drop bars (as in the first photograph on the left) or, for the pursuit, a tt cockpit (second photo) and Bob's your Uncle!

Replace the bosses, add the TRP calipers and a brake lever (third photograph) and you're ready to set the World alight on the flat dual carriageways up and down the UK.

The benefits of riding 'fixed' are numerous:

Less components ... so lighter ... more efficient and more aerodynamic.

Takes the doubt out of wondering whether or not you're 'in the right gear'.

Stops you dropping it onto the 11 and leaving it there.

Teaches you to pedal.

Easier to clean!

Weight of frame, forks, headset and stem:

Seat post:

TT cockpit:

Get yours HERE


Some of the UK's fastest time triallists have raced on 'fixed'.

They can't be wrong ... Shirley?  ;-) 

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