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PDQ Track or Time Trial T3 Breezer bars and stem combo


Full carbon 40 cm c/c track / time trial  aero handlebars (slightly narrower than PDQPB ones and so more aero ... surely?).


Complete with 2 x 10 and 2 x 20 mm risers (not compatible with PDQPB ones) and all the necessary bolts.


Also included are the pads (of course) and a pair of full carbon super light ski bends.  A 90 mm full carbon aero stem completes the package. 

Total weight complete is just 841 gms.

All yours for a total price of just £369.99 which is roughly what you would have expected to pay for a set of 3T Brezza bars alone (which look remarkably similar don't you think?) 

JUST £369.99


... OR

   ... less the stem for £259.99


What you're saying about them:

"Got my hands on these  today:

My main reason for ordering them was they look exactly identical in form factor to my current Brezza 2 base bars and they pretty much are having just compared- quality matt finish which I much prefer to 3t's gloss offerings and even their latest matt/white one.

Also, when you factor that this includes a £170 aero stem (featuring some element of tidying up the cable routing ), this effectively makes the bars (including the risers which you also don't get with 3t) £230 which is a steal...and you have the option of getting narrower versus the 3t brezzas. Arrived next day and well packed" 

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