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For time trialling, there's little doubt that a deep rimmed front wheel and a disc rear is (just about) the fastest combination going.  


There's plenty of choice out there and since I've tried lots of different makes and types over the years I might be able to save some of you some time and money by giving you some of my free advice (not like me to give anything for free but hey ... I must be mellowing with age!).  


I've been sponsored by Sonic Cycles for several years now and after having used their Citec offerings believe they certainly take some beating.


Take a look at the independent 'aero' tests carried out by Roues Artisanales and you'll see Citec front wheels rate amongst the best.  For anything more aerodynamic, you're going to need to shell out a lot more dosh.  That's for sure! 


As far as discs go ... (again) I've used many different makes, shapes and weights over the years and reckon the hollow lenticular ones are fastest (with the exception of Renn and the older 'el-cheapo' Heds you often see on Ebay which, in my opinion, aren't very good at all).


Although Corima are one of the lightest and probably rate best in the weight to cost band, I found they gave a very harsh ride.


When I was with Planet X I tried out a hollow lenticular disc which weighed in at 1350 gms or so ... yet found it faster than the Corima.


The very best / fastest must be the Campagnolo Ghibli but as that costs an arm and a leg, what's the best alternative taking weight, aerodynamics and cost etc into account?


Well the Citec disc ticks a lot of the boxes. The quoted weights are +/- 30 gms (I've checked on my Mrs' kitchen scales and the 8000 clincher disc comes in at a tad over 1000 gms. How many clincher discs come in at that?).  They are lighter than most ... AND are hollow and lenticular in shape.  On top of that, they're also very reasonably priced!  Pound £ for pound lb there's nothing to beat them.


Where else can you get a disc as light as that for under £880?


If you really want to throw the boat out, how about one (tubular version) weighing only 745 gms? Well take a look at the 8000 Ultra ... all for only £1525.00.


You won't be able to get these wheels cheaper anywhere else in the UK. Have a look and see (you're going to anyway .. I know!). If you THINK you can, let me know and I'll beat it!


I have it on very good authority (Mr Berns ... the UK importer) that it's unlikely, although not impossible, that delivery will be any less than two weeks.  Three to four is more realistic. So if anyone in the UK is telling you that Citec wheels take two weeks to deliver ... take it with a pinch of salt.  You're only going to be disappointed.


Having said all that, we're still quite a few weeks away from the start of the season so if you plan ahead, you'll have plenty of 'drooling' time before actually putting them to use.




Citec offer a wide range of products.  However, only the personally hand-picked ones are shown here.  These are the ones I'd use!   If you require any other Citec wheel, let me know and I'll be able to source it for you as cheap and as quick as anywhere else in the UK.

CITEC disc wheels - unbeatable aerodynamics!  







































The Citec 8000 disc.


German road bike mag TOUR DISC-WHEELS-Test, Issue 03/2011: Citec DISC8000 top marks of 1.2


Extremely light-weight for faster acceleration. No loss of breaking force due to machined aluminium breaking surface. There is no faster alternative when competing against the clock! 


Duraluminium rim with redeveloped trapeze profile for tubulars or clinchers. Pre-tensioned carbon-fibre reinforced CFK skins bonded to the aluminium rim.  Machined rim breaking surface for positive breaking action. Extremely high radial and lateral tolerances due to the sophisticated manufacturing process. Extremely high lateral strength while maintaining radial elasticity (comparable to a spoked wheel). Fast acceleration due to low inertial coefficient.


The unique rear hub uses the proven DT Swiss cassette carrier and clutch mechanism for Shimano 10/11 speed or Campagnolo 10/11 speed cassettes.


Weight: Clincher 995 grams    Tubular 895 grams


Shimano OR Campagnolo ... let me know when you order!


TOP TIP: Combine the Disc 8000 with the 8000CX Carbon front wheel for a truly unbeatable wheel set (ok ... only unbeatable if no-one else is using the Disc 8000 Ultra / 8000 CX combo).


"Please note, like all CITEC wheels, delivery can take up to 2 weeks" ... but we know better don't we?  ;-)


        RRP: £1260.55


                  ONLY £995.00
Surcharge for Campagnolo (inc lock ring):   £20.00

Citec discs available in black with white logos, black with black logos and black with white and red logos.

Let me know your preferred logo choice when you order. Alternatively I'll drop you an email once I've received your order to find out.

If you can find cheaper elsewhere, let me know and I'll do my best to better the price.


The 'blingiest' time trial / triathlon wheel so far!  The 8000 CX Ultra.

Intended use: Racing, Time Trials, Triathlon

  • Rim size:  Etrto 622 x 16c for clincher tyres 

  • System weight: bike + rider up to 100kgs

  • 80mm deep carbon / aluminium composite rim for clinchers

  • Machined aluminium brake surface for predictable braking

  • 16 CARBON blade spokes crossed laterally

  • Proprietary CARBON super smooth hub with sealed cartridge bearings

  • Maximum flange width for increased lateral stiffness

  • Unbeatable aero dynamics

  • Weight ..... 670 gms!


            RRP: £1350.00


                 ONLY £1150.00
The Citec 8000 ULTRA disc.
Available in red/white/black,  white/black  or black/black colour scheme.


The top-model disc wheel for time-trial specialists, when every second really counts!


We managed to reduce the weight even further by using the highest quality super-light carbon fibre cloth available. Bonded and pre-tensioned onto our re-designed and lightened trapezoid rim allows for maximum acceleration.


Duraluminium trapezoid rim for clincher or tubular tyres.  Pre-tensioned carbon fibre reinforced CFK skins bonded to the aluminium rim.  Machined rim braking surface.  Extremely high radial tolerances due to our sophisticated manufacturing process.

Extremely high lateral strength while maintaining radial elasticity.  Faster acceleration than the 8000 disc.  Rear hub with top-end aluminium cassette carrier DT 240S for Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed or Campagnolo 10/11 speed.


Weight: ONLY 745 gms (tubular)
                          845 gms (clincher)


Shimano OR Campagnolo ... let me know which when you order!


TOP TIP:Combine the Disc 8000 Ultra with the 8000CX Carbon front wheel for the ultimate unbeatable wheel set!


"Please note, like all CITEC wheels, delivery can take up to 2 weeks" ... yeah like!  ;-)


          RRP: £1891.28


                 ONLY £1640.00

Surcharge for Campagnolo (inc lock ring):   £20.00
Citec 8000 CX


The 8000CX CARBON line now with Equal Tension System!

The 80 mm deep carbon-aluminium composite rim is combined with 12 blade spokes in the front wheel and 21 blade spokes in the back wheel to create a wheel set that delivers top marks in aerodynamic performance and is now even lighter at 1650 grams.

Rim width is 22mm outside dimension, ideal to run with 23 mm tyres!
ETRTO 622 x 15C

The patented Power Block Technology (ultra strong hub-spoke fixing) combined with the patented CONCAVE rim system makes it possible to create a very stiff but extremely light wheel set.

5 years guarantee against spoke breakage as well as machined braking surfaces are of course part of the package!

Rider weight up to 90 kg

For riders up to 100kg in weight this set can be ordered with 16 spokes in the front wheel, this increases the weight by 10 grams. 



Price per pair  £1549.00  (Shimano)














Surcharge for Campagnolo (inc lock ring):  £20.00

Citec 8000 CXs are available in black with white logos, black with black logos and black with white and red logos.

Citec 8000CX fronts available separately. Enquire for price.
And ... the 8000 CX/63.




















The 8000 CX/63 is equipped with a 63 mm high carbon-aluminum composite rim profile which ensures an excellent aerodynamic performance at an extremely light weight of only 1580g pair.  


The 8000 CX/63 CARBON provides superb handling even in difficult wind conditions. 


Stripped brake surfaces from aluminum ensure excellent braking characteristics. Thanks to the power block system 5 year guarantee against broken spokes are standard.  


Front wheel 28 "(ETRTO 622 x 15) Clincher: 12 spokes / 690 gms.   Tubular: 750 gms.  


Rear wheel 28"(ETRO 522 x 15) Clincher: 16 spokes / 890 gms. Tubular: 950 gms.


• 63 mm carbon-aluminum composite rim with aluminum braking surfaces 

• 12 / 16 special blade spokes in black with CITEC Power Block spoke mounting, recessed into the rim special aluminum nipples 

• Special Leichtlaufvordernabe in black with sealed cartridge bearings 

• Maximum flanges for increased lateral stiffness.


"Please note, like all CITEC wheels, delivery can take up to 2 weeks" ... yeah like!  ;-)


                       Front Wheel RRP: £843.75


               FRONT WHEEL
       My price: ONLY £635.00
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