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The demise of 

After 75 years in publication, during which its circulation peaked at 2 MILLION copies per week, the curtain has finally been drawn on the Dandy … surely the second greatest children’s comic of all time.  Over recent years demand has plummeted to around 8000 copies per week and its publishers have reluctantly agreed to pull the plug on production (of the hard copy format at least) meaning it follows in the footsteps of the greatest ever British tradition in children’s entertainment, the Testing Times, which found itself up the swany without a paddle a couple of years ago when it was found that the books couldn't be balanced, supply significantly exceeded demand, too many cooks spoilt the broth and circulation dropped to single figures … per issue. 

Cadbury Biggins, one of Britain’s current top roadmen, along with brave Dales Ford (his mentor, advisor and chief bottle-washer) were last night reported to be heading up a ‘Bring back the Dandy and Testing Times’ campaign with a view to put the 'Great' back in 'Britain' following the inevitable after effects of George Osbourne's recent mini-budget. 

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