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THE 1983 multi national record breaking bike

My 1983 competition record breaking bike returns!


Your chance to see what we were really up against in the 80s ... from Thursday 3 April 2014 at 7pm.


We never had power meters, pulse monitors, tri-bars, disc wheels or tri-spokes back in the day but 30 mph 50 mile time trials were still possible.


See it and weep! Just how fast would we have gone with all the gear?


Your chance to see the bike ridden to umpteen National Championships and Records (so many, even I can’t remember the exact number).


Your chance to meet and hear Peter Whitfield give a short introduction to the bike … and no doubt to time trialing in general.


Your chance to buy one of his books (great reads … all of them).


Best of all though, your chance to meet Nigel, Orla and the rest of the team at Velo Café, Brighton to sample their most delightful hospitality.


This is what they have to say about the bike …


When we heard that British time trial legend Ian Cammish had put his 1983 record-breaking time trial bike up for sale because his wife had told him that she was fed up of looking at it above their fireplace, we knew we had to dig deep, pool our money together and buy it…so we can hang it in the cafe for all to appreciate…this wasn’t a bike, more over a piece of cycling history that we thought should not be in a private collection and out of view.

To celebrate buying the bike for all to see, we’re hosting a very special evening on Thursday 3 April 2014, complete with a talk by Peter Whitfield, Author of ‘Time, Speed and Truth – The History of Time-Trialling 1890-2010′. Peter will also be signing copies of his book.Doors open from 18:00, with the unveiling and talk from Peter at 19:30 – surely a must for Time Trial fans.

Voted as being in Cycling Weekly’s Top 50 Greatest Bikes of all time, this represents a great opportunity for any cycling enthusiast.

More at:

Follow the progress of Velo on twitter @TheVeloCafe or facebook: Café, Rose Walk, The Level, Brighton, BN1 4ZN

Enquiries: James Cuthbertson 07841 742678


Lovely people ... lovely place!  Couldn't have wished for more.

It's final resting place ... Velo Cafe, Brighton

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