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Brian Hall

Phil Mynott

Richard (Nob) Clarke

Jeremy Temple (FMSL)

Sarah Brooke Photography

Nick Frewin

Steve Long 

Ralph Dadswell

Nick Hanson

Peter Holland

Brightski  ;-)

Mal Firth

Alan Crane

Somer Valley CC

Bridgtown Cona Testa TT


If you didn't like it ... ignore it and it'll go away like the Dandy and Testing Times  did  :-)

If you know some old boy from your club who keeps harking on about the good old days, show him you care (or get your own back) by forwarding him a link to this site  ;-) 

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I would like to make this site a 'living document' and plan to update it on a frequent basis. 

I've kept training / racing diaries (and got photos) from the mid 1970s so if you want to know virtually ANYTHING that's been going on in British time trialling over the past 40 years or so (as seen through my eyes of course!) I MAY be able to help.  Drop me an email or contact me on twitter or facebook.  

Do let me know what you think ... please?  

For all that is exceptionally good in quality, performance and value, go to our new website HERE.

For all the other rubbish you’re usually used to … you’re quite welcome to stay here.

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PDQ Prima Donna bars now available HERE 

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'Pukka' angled risers / clamps for PDQ bars.  


PDQPB tt bars.  All in stock ready to dispatch.



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'Top trump' extensions HERE too!

In the beginning ... on my way to Bernard Thompson's pad for a 'Cycling' interview sometime before it (ie racing ... not 'Cycling') started getting serious.

Nearly 40 years ... somewhere around 50 National titles and records ... and over 500,000 miles later (all logged in diaries!) is it any wonder I look as knackered as I do?  Photo courtesy Davey Jones.


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Congratulations to Jake Wright on a VERY impressive 4th place in the Galician Championships in Spain (which included a crash on a roundabout losing a big chunk of time).

Remember the name ..


      JAKE WRIGHT  :-)

Belated congratulations to Sarah Matthews A3CRG who, since purchasing her PDQ trispoke and Citec 8000 disc, has successfully qualified for the UCI World’s TT Championship (due to take place in Varese in August). She won her category in the Tour of Cambridgeshire Chrono by a staggering 55 seconds.

Not content with that, she’s been hitting the A3 hard and has broken two VTTA National Age Group records. The first with a time of 34-52 for the 15 mile distance … the second with a staggering 21-33 for the 10.  (Jeez … I can remember when my best was a 22-40 on the N17 at Sawtry!!).

Good luck for the rest of the season Sarah.

                                                    - TEAM ZAPPI
... on winning the National Junior 10 using a PDQ trispoke.  A fantastic time of 20-15 too!
Proud of you and pleased for you buddy  :-)
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National Junior Champion Jake Wright chooses PDQ

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New from Citec ... the 8000 CX Ultra.


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Belated congratulations to Dan Martin - Thanet RC for gaining third place in the 2016 National Junior 25 mile Championship.
Photo courtesy Larry Hickmott.
The fastest and most versatile front wheel in Waresley ... if not the World.


Personally wind tunnel tested along the A428. There's nothing to beat it in my opinion.  If you'd like to reap the benefits go HERE





PDQ tri-spokes are going FAST!
Pete Hamer from used his mega fast shutter speed to capture these great action shots from the 2016 Welsh CA 25 championships.
Andy Jackson finished second with 48-00
Jonathan Gates improved his pb by an incredible 7 minutes to record 50-15
Graeme Boswell smashed his pb by a mahoosive 3 seconds recording 51-56

Jonathan Gates - photo courtesy Pete Hamer

Graeme Boswell - photo courtesy Pete Hamer

New from Citec ..

the World's lightest tubular disc wheel weighing in at an incredible and unbeatable 745 gms for only £1640.00 ... HERE

Congratulations to Brian Sunter - Condor RC on winning the 2015 National VTTA 50 mile tt championship ... 


               ... (again) with a little help from his PDQ trispoke

Congratulations to the Team Swift trio of
Andy Jackson, Simon Beldon and Alistair Wareham
on their win in the 2015 National team time trial championship.
Photo courtesy of Brian Hall.
Despite the windy start to the 2015 season, Andy Jackson's sticking with his PDQ trispoke ... 

 ... which confirms all I've ever said about them!  Go HERE to read more ... and to get yours.

Malcolm Brookling's completed PDQ tt bike.


The man from Del Monte says yes!



I can't see me ever racing again but I can't resist a new project!
After THIS, PDQ trispokes must now be the fastest time trial wheels in the world … surely?


What's hot and what's not ... in MY opinion based on nearly 50 years in the sport ...  HERE

Dugast Piste Diamond Silk ... the fastest time trial tubs known to man*


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Nob's new wheels               ...  HERE
Nob's back ...
road testing his BMC TM01                          HERE
In the red corner we have Rotor rings ... in the blue corner we have Osymetrics ... somewhere bouncing around in the middle are the Dovals. But which are best?
Go HERE to find out.
Peter Whitfield, author of Twelve Champions , The Condor Years and more, has just launched his latest book which tells the story of Time Trialling from its inception to the current day.  It's entitled 'Time Speed and Truth'.  
Go HERE to find out how to get your copy.

To complete (for now) the theme of re-addressing the balance in favour of the more serious readers of the site (rather than the schoolboy-humour element), I've donned my thinking-cap and surprised even myself with the Top 5 events which have have given me most satisfaction during the 40+ years I've been racing.   As mentioned earlier, the chances are they MAY have been the first time I actually achieved something (although that's not necessarily the case) so, for now, I've entitled them my 'Top Five Firsts' ​

My Top 10 tips to go faster in 2019 ...


I'm confused. To find out why, go HERE

Do you REALLY need to spend a fortune on a bike to go fast or is it all money down the pan? My views here.

1983 competition record '50' ... as I saw it! Here

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